Inlight & Pause Fest join forces

By Ben Howden1st December 2014
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Yes that's right, we're getting together with Pause Fest to make an already awesome digital event even better. Our official badge of honour is "Tech Partner" which means we're going to spice up the event experience using some of the latest technology.

First cab off the rank is a world-class mobile app that is powered by our very own beacon platform – Lighthouse. As you make your way around Pause Fest the app will have the ability to deliver augmented content based on your exact location. For example, video content about an installation you're looking at, notifications about nearby events and speakers. And if you're lucky, drink discounts when you hit the official Pause Fest parties. It's all about delivering valuable content at the right time and place.

How does the technology work? Here's a quick primer for those of you that aren't up to speed with beacon tech.

We're also setting up camp at the Startup Expo where we'll be talking about the ins and outs of beacon technology and running some live demos. This is your chance to swing by and see the technology in action, as well as chat to our team who can help you understand how beacons can play a role in your business.

Finally, we'll be presenting and sharing some of our ideas on the latest technologies set to disrupt the digital landscape in a session called "The New Disruptors".

So why should you attend Pause Fest? Pause celebrates fresh ideas, technological creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit. It facilitates collaborations between a global network of agencies and digital artists to generate "unique content you can't Google". You'll learn a heap of new skills and make some amazing connections. Think of it as the SXSW of Australia. If there's one event you must attend in 2015, then this is it.

Pause Fest is on 9-15 Feb 2015 at Federation Square in Melbourne. Buy tickets here.


Three years of PAUSE | Start believing from denial of service on Vimeo.