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Inlight & Pause Fest join forces

By Ben Howden1st December 2014
Yes that's right, we're getting together with Pause Fest to make an already awesome digital event even better. Our official badge of honor is "Tech Partner" which means we're going to spice up the event experience using some of the latest technology.

Web Directions 2014 - The Wrap

By Will McClellan1st November 2014
I had the pleasure of heading to Sydney for Web Directions South 2014 at the end of October with a few other Inlight team members. It was the 10th anniversary of the conference and as a whole it was brilliant, but here are my particular highlights.

Lighthouse showcased at Mlab 2014

By Ed Welsh1st October 2014
Last month the Inlight team hit the stage at MLab 2014 to showcase the power of beacon technology. Group M's exclusive digital future event was held at Fox Studio's 3,500 sqm Stage 1 and brought together a number of innovative exhibitors showcasing Australia-firsts, prototypes and pre-releases of upcoming technologies.

Our Top 5 Highlights of Web Directions 2014

By Oliver Benns9th May 2014
We recently headed over to Melbourne Town Hall for the Web Directions 2014 conference that promised to inspire and educate us on the latest web technologies, which it certainly did.

Real Time Data & The Internet of Things

By Benjamin Pearson29th April 2014
It's not easy to keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape, but as a team of digital evangelists we feel it's our job to identify and explore the trends that will have the biggest strategic impact for our clients. That's why we decided to ask a few of our team members what trends they are most excited about in 2014.

10 Key learnings from SXSW interactive 2013

By Ben Howden26th March 2013
We recently returned from our first trip to South by Southwest Interactive. It lived up to expectations - overwhelming, exciting, eye opening, exhausting and full of amazing people and ideas would all be suitable descriptors of the event.   It's near impossible to summarise the key themes from SXSW as there were thousands of speakers covering topics as diverse as government, entrepreneurialism, startups, culture, entertainment, social media, mobile, retail, gaming, science, space, health and medicine to name a few. The wealth and diversity of content there was literally mind blowing.

How To Make Your Website Load Ridiculously Fast

By Benjamin Pearson5th December 2012
Most of us know that website speed is important. You've most likely heard about the effect page loading time can have on page abandonment. Google, Amazon, Mozilla and Yahoo have all shown why website speed matters, with Amazon for instance increasing its revenue by 1% for every 100ms of improved page load time. In 2010, Google announced that site speed would be used as a search ranking factor. But we already know that website speed is important because we all have experienced slow websites and the frustration of feeling like we're back on 56k modems. Even though our own website wasn't in the slow website bracket, we wanted to show our users (and our clients) how making some small tweaks can actually make your website lightening fast. Here's how we did it.

Mobile App vs Mobile Website

By Ben Howden12th November 2012
If you work in the digital world you've no doubt figured out that mobile is the future. In Australia, smartphone penetration has increased from 37% to 53% in just two years and is transforming consumer behaviour. A common question we get as clients start developing their mobile strategy is what should we build? A mobile app or a mobile website? The answer to this really depends on a number of factors.

Setting your business up with Google Mail and other Apps

By Patrick Carne18th May 2011
We have been asked a number of times recently to help setup company email accounts through Google Apps. Having used Google Apps ourselves for about 2 years now, we highly recommend it to anyone thinking of switching over. This post provides a quick guide on the advantages of using google apps, and how to get started.