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A Practical Way to Measure your Social Media ROI

By Ben Howden15th November 2013
It's the question that most marketers hate. They've got a finely tuned social media strategy ready to roll out, they've done the hard sell and everyone's on board, and then at the last minute the CEO asks, "What's the return on investment?"

SOLOMO Presentation | Profile of a connected customer

By Ben Howden19th June 2013
SOLOMO is quite the buzzword at the moment but is it all hot air? Definitely not in my opinion – social, local and mobile (SOLOMO) are three of the most important trends in digital and when combined are producing some amazing results for brands. That's why I decided to put together this presentation for the Australian Marketing Institute Summit in May 2013.

10 Key learnings from SXSW interactive 2013

By Ben Howden26th March 2013
We recently returned from our first trip to South by Southwest Interactive. It lived up to expectations - overwhelming, exciting, eye opening, exhausting and full of amazing people and ideas would all be suitable descriptors of the event.   It's near impossible to summarise the key themes from SXSW as there were thousands of speakers covering topics as diverse as government, entrepreneurialism, startups, culture, entertainment, social media, mobile, retail, gaming, science, space, health and medicine to name a few. The wealth and diversity of content there was literally mind blowing.

Social Media Analytics in Australia – A Discussion

By Ben Howden12th February 2013
Our Strategy Director Ben Howden and Managing Director of Growth Lab Tegan Addinsall spoke to CEO Magazine about the how companies can accurately measure their social media efforts and use the data to inform their business strategies. Here's how the discussion unfolded.

What happened in social media 2012

By Ben Howden3rd January 2013
2012 was another huge year in the social media world. Businesses that have ignored social media on the basis that it must be a passing fad now have a lot of catching up to do, whilst brands such as Coca Cola, American Express and Nike continue to innovate and find new ways to engage their fans.

How to sell social media to your CEO

By Ben Howden20th November 2012
We believe that social media is a critical part of most business strategies, and if used in the right way can be a key contributor to the overall success of your business. However, it seems that there is still some resistance out there when talking to CEO's and upper management about social media.