How we work

Together we produce great outcomes.

We like to evolve businesses using a team based, outcome focused approach. We believe that people, not just technology, produce the best outcomes.

Building business together

We're all about partnership and delivering results

We believe that people, not technology, produce the best outcomes. When you work with us, we’ll put forward a team that can unpack your problem, explore and test ideas, and iteratively develop the right solution, all the time putting user needs first. With us, you're buying a team of brilliant people, not a service.

There are lots of reasons to choose Inlight, but here are the most important ones you should know about.

We are human powered

Humans are at the centre of everything we do. We take a human-centred design approach to all of our projects. This means we invest in getting to know the needs of your customers through techniques such as primary and secondary research, personas, journey maps, prototyping and testing.

We are technology agnostic

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to technology. Our modular, flexible approach means you will always get the best tool for the job. It also means we bring the most current and relevant technologies to your architecture.

We believe in evolution, not transformation

We believe that traditional digital transformation approaches rarely deliver the results expected. Instead we believe in a philosophy of continuous evolution and advocate for an ongoing process of incremental change. This approach delivers value back to the business quicker, reduces risk and allows you to learn as you go.

We help build your capability

It’s our mission to always leave our clients in a better position than we found them with regards to digital capability. During our projects we endeavour to pass on knowledge, implement new processes or tools and establish better ways of working.

We love to collaborate

We take a very collaborative approach to delivering client projects. After all, it’s your digital assets we’re working with and we want you to be completely happy with our outputs. We do collaborative planning, regular showcasing and joint retros. We try to co-locate where possible, either at our office or yours so that we all feel like one team.


Our Process

You might hear us talk about “Roadmapping” & “Project Context”. Inlight utilise an agency specific agile methodology to collaboratively and effectively manage our projects. By using a more iterative and incremental approach to solution development, we can focus on the end experience and pivot priorities as the business requires.

AgencyAgile is our guiding methodology when working in an agile way, taking the core fundamentals of software agile methodology and adapting it for the modern agency environment. Working in this way means that we are having more detailed scope discussions up front, and having clear alignment between client expectations on brief and the agency expectations on solution.