Building VicTrack's vision from concept to 'Eloque' & beyond!

Design / Development

The Client

Meet Eloque

What started as an innovative idea back in 2017, quickly gained momentum when experts at VicTrack and US scientists and technologists set out to solve the problems of ageing infrastructure.

Eloque use hair-thin fibre optic sensors to monitor the structural health of critical assets and gather insights that are then directed to end-users in real time.

The challenge

Evolving the structure and style

With a short turnaround between final visual designs and content still being tweaked due to the startup nature of the project, a fluid and MVP approach was taken to accommodate a go to market timeline.

Working collaboratively for a fast turnaround was required in order to work towards the tight deadline, making informed assumptions to move forward was a necessary element of the approach.

The approach

Flexible ways of working

Inlight teamed up with VicTrack and key stakeholders in both the UK and the US to design, build and deploy a CMS managed website. Integration with the Client’s third-party marketing platform was required, as well as a news and resources hub; with the ability to evolve over time with selected analytics in place for performance tracking.

Collaboration with the existing creative partner was vital in order to finalise the style guide and content generation. As a result, we were able to translate the brand’s new visual identity into first class designs that articulate Eloque’s ground breaking technology and global ambition.

The user research

Understanding the context for visit

To create the best experience for the new site’s users, our design team dove into understanding them better. Exploring why CEOs and Infrastructure Asset Managers were visiting the site, what they were wanting/needing, what Eloque wanted them to do and how to make that happen. This research helped guide the priority of information and actions in the wireframes.

The Strategy

Created with evolution in mind

With Eloque very much at the beginning of their innovation journey, Inlight took an MVP approach. Building the essentials first with a view to evolve the site over time as the team creates more content, case studies, resources and news.

With this future thinking in mind the CMS has largely been crafted with a component driven design that can repurposed for multiples use cases, page types and layouts.

The visual direction

Paving the way for the new brand

With the newly created brand guidelines hot off the press, the Eloque website was the first execution of the Eloque brand in situ. With no previous creative to adhere, our design team had an exciting opportunity to pressure test the brand in an entirely new environment. We crafted a delicate balance between tech and startup, appealing to a global corporate and forward thinking audience.

Groundbreaking work from a globally distributed team reimagining the way that we interact with our infrastructure, Eloque is a standout technology start-up providing lifelong value for Victoria’s biggest assets. It’s a privilege to work with such an ambitious and innovative team on their digital presence and exciting for Inlight to have collaborated so closely with their US stakeholders.

Mark Oliver

Chief Executive Officer | Inlight