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Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa, Inlight's financial guru!

Lisa is an ex-Corporate Finance Analyst, who branched out into cloud-based accounting and financial management, in order to provide more flexible work options. Part of team Inlight, Lisa is our financial and operations manager, responsible for all things money, as well as manage the office!

What drew you to Inlight?

I was introduced to Inlight through Jacinta Carne, whom I met through mutual friends and childcare, where we were both Board members. I loved the way she worked, so was super excited to work with her, and implement my learnings coming from a progressive, tech-savvy accounting firm.

Once I found out more about Inlight, I loved the culture, which was really similar to my previous workplace. As well as having the flexibility that allows me to work part-time and from home when needed, in order to manage kid logistics.

Also, this had been a tech-related finance role that had appealed to me for a long time and I was excited to take on the new challenge!

That’s a great way to find a job you like! What challenges you now with your role?

Being a one-woman team and leader, I am challenged on how to improve in my role, and learn from within the business from a Finance perspective. Digital services is a really interesting industry which is rapidly changing, so understanding what my team are delivering is challenging, let alone keep up with the change!

It’s also challenging to financially forecast revenue given the project-based nature of our work, but it’s great to know that the Leadership team are financially focussed and supportive of my suggestions. We’ve come along way with this recently which is exciting to be part of.

You’ve been at Inlight for 3 years now! What are some highlights you can share?

So many! Highlights for me would have to include our team trips to Thailand and Fiji for sure. We’re so lucky to work with great people, so going away together becomes like hanging out with mates, which is clearly great! I did instigate a lip-sync battle in Thailand which was amazing.

Team bonding, entertainment and competition thrown in was super fun. I’ve also organised a few fun social events over my time, such as a retro dress-up and gaming night in the office, with SingStar & battleships of course! I found out about Holey Moley before it opened, so instigated a night out there, so we were one of the first groups to visit. Karaoke was a must, and was definitely another highlight.

Oh, you mean work related? Whoops! Well, I’m not sure implementing new finance tools and streamline finance procedures makes for good reading, but the inner nerd in me has definitely enjoyed being able to drive change through the business, from both a financial and leadership perspective, as well as tackle software integrations and spreadsheets. Yawn!

What does a typical weekday look like for you?

Lots of variation! I usually wake up with at least one child on me, and drag myself out of bed after an average sleep. I often have to deal with things like school dress-up day stresses by my 10 year-old, or trying to find parts of school uniforms/shoes etc. Days vary between me taking the kids off to school, or sometimes it’s their dad. I like to avoid traffic and take the kids to school, so have been fortunate to be able to do this with Inlight. I work part-time, so am in the office 4 days, and have one day of running around, which often ends up being my busiest day!

Once I’m in the office, my role varies depending on the day/week’s priorities. So it might be processing payroll, finalising weekly or monthly accounts, lodging BAS, issuing and chasing invoices, then paying payroll tax/bills/contractors. I also keep an eye on the office, so make sure the team have enough coffee, toilet paper and beer! I enjoy my commute to and from work as this is my window to listen to podcasts I enjoy. Once home, I’m consumed by the kids and their needs, which I love – it's always a packed day!

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