"Building A Composable Future". This post aims to distil the core themes of my exploration into composability, shedding light on a path that businesses can follow to flourish in a constantly evolving digital environment.

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Building A Composable Future

Unveiling A Composable Future: Insights from Inlight’s CEO

In the ever-changing digital landscape where agility and innovation stand paramount, I recently took the time to reflect on our journey at Inlight and explore a consistent theme that has emerged over the years to optimise for client success - composability. Recognising the need for businesses to shift from traditional, rigid systems towards more agile, modular solutions, I wrote a paper titled "Building A Composable Future". This post aims to distil the core themes of my exploration into composability, shedding light on a path that businesses can follow to flourish in a constantly evolving digital environment.

Driven by a strong desire to share the valuable lessons and insights we’ve gained over the past 16 years in digital product development and innovation, the paper places a significant emphasis on the necessity of adopting a composable mindset across all facets of operation - from development and design to product strategy and teaming. It aims to be a guide for businesses looking to effectively navigate the complexities and challenges of digital evolution and shifting to a composable architecture.

At its core, composability is described as a strategic approach for constructing systems, processes, and organisations using interchangeable and reusable components. Imagine constructing a digital ecosystem with the versatility and adaptability of LEGO bricks, where each component has a distinct function but can seamlessly integrate with others to build comprehensive solutions. The benefits of adopting composability are extensive. It boosts agility and enables businesses to respond to market changes and technological advances quickly; it drives innovation by allowing components to be reconfigured or replaced without overhauling the entire system; and critically, it achieves greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as reusable components minimise redundancy and streamline development.

In "Building A Composable Future," I delve into how the benefits of composability are not just theoretical ideals but practical pathways to securing sustainable growth and maintaining a competitive edge in the digital age.

Our journey through the lens of composability

From the web's inception to its current state and anticipated future, my exploration unpacks the drawbacks of monolithic systems and the transformative promise of modular, interoperable components. It is evident that composability transcends being merely a technological strategy; it's a holistic approach affecting every aspect of an organisation, from how we develop our products to how we strategise for the future.

Embracing composability: The Inlight way

The paper breaks down the multifaceted applications of composability, demonstrating its transformative impact across development, design, and strategic planning:

In Development:
The adoption of MACH principles has been revolutionary, allowing us to develop scalable, customer-centric solutions that use a composable architecture to break free from the limitations of monolithic architectures.

In Design:
Implementing modular design systems and atomic design principles, we ensure our projects are both efficient and adaptable, poised to meet the ever-evolving needs of users.

In Strategy:
We champion a composable mindset in strategic thinking, prioritising evolution over transformation, treating digital assets as products rather than projects, and embracing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach for continuous enhancement.

Broadly speaking, composability can be seen as insurance against change. It provides a way of building agility and resilience into the foundation of any system.

Patrick Carne

CEO - Inlight

Charting the path forward

As I advocate for composability, I envision a future where businesses are primed to adapt to change, leveraging digital innovation not just to survive but to truly excel. The transition to a composable architecture, as I outline in my paper, represents both a crucial strategic pivot and a necessary evolution within today's digital landscape.

Join us on the journey to a composable future

My dedication to composability at Inlight is more than a methodology; it's a forward-looking vision for the future of digital innovation. I invite you to explore the comprehensive insights and strategies detailed in "Building A Composable Future." This paper aims to be a guide for navigating the digital world with agility, resilience, and foresight.

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Patrick Carne
Co-Founder and CEO
Patrick Carne | Co-Founder and CEO

Patrick is one of the founders and CEO of Inlight. With nearly 20 years experience in the digital industry, Patrick has played various roles across technology, design, product and strategy. After growing the business for 7 years, Patrick stepped away to build a software company focussed on workforce management. Following a stint in the US, and the growth and sale of this business, Patrick returned to Inlight in 2021 to focus on digital strategy and transitioning back into the role of CEO.

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