Driving Diversity In Tech

Inlight x Girls In Tech: A Power Partnership

Our commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the tech world has taken a big step forward with the recently announced year-round partnership with Girls In Tech Australia, adding another feather to our cap of advocacy for gender balance in the industry. Both Steph Webster, Chief Commercial Officer, and Jacinta Carne, General Manager at Inlight, provide unique perspectives on the significance of this collaboration and what it means for Inlight's future.

Headless CMS: A Modern Approach to Content Management

The demand for high-quality, personalised content across multiple channels has increased rapidly in recent years. Businesses must create more engaging and tailored experiences for their users across all devices and deliver this content in a performant and scalable way.

New Inlighters

It’s been a busy few months at Inlight and not just because three massive projects - Hostplus website, Chadstone app and Angle Auto Finance Dealer Portal - have been launched to market since late 2022.

We’ve been fortunate to welcome some amazing new, talented people to the team across the agency’s different disciplines and as you’ll see if you read on, they’ve also come to join us through a myriad of ways….