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Collingwood based digital services business Inlight, is celebrating the launch of the new website which they partnered with Swisse Wellness on, to deliver a new and improved front end experience.


The new website, launched late March, signifies a new push for the Australian born global wellness brand, as they focus on building their direct to consumer market.

Inlight’s Design Director Harley Donaldson, said the flexible modular design system developed for Swisse would support their future campaign and content needs.

“Our design strategy approach focused on supporting Swisse to tell their story around sourcing and creating high quality products, while making product discovery and purchase a straightforward experience for their consumers.”

“We wanted to deliver a solution that would exceed the expectations of all stakeholders while delivering an enjoyable client experience for the Swisse team through a strong partnership approach,” says Client Services Director, Steph Webster.

“Inlight has allowed us to create a user experience that is vastly superior to its predecessor, and lays the foundation for building on our vision of generating increased D2C revenue in 2019 and beyond."
Stuart Diamond

Marketing Director ANZ, Swisse Wellness

Inlight are keen to continue the partnership with the Australian vitamins, minerals and supplements company, with the aim to empower and support the Swisse AU team in leading the digital strategy for the global brand.

“We see real potential for Swisse to begin to better understand their consumers in the digital space, and we want to expand on the foundational UX experience we’ve developed to deliver users a fully personalised health and wellness experience,” said Donaldson.

Inlight worked closely with existing Swisse partners for the redesign of, collaborating with brand agency Noisy Beast and development partner Revium for technical implementation.

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Steph Bailey | Chief Commercial Officer

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