2018 World Cup

More reasons to cheer during the 2018 World Cup

The FIFA World Cup™ is upon us once again and Inlight is getting in on the football fever. We’ve got a few soccer fans in the office (and a couple of handy players too!) so we’re expecting a few tired heads this month from those of us that are burning the midnight oil to catch the live action. The World Cup is always such an exciting time that brings people from all nations that bit closer together, and we love it!

Did you know that our CEO, Mark played for Chelsea and Crystal Palace in his youth?

This year, Inlight want to share the excitement by spreading the love a bit further abroad. We’re making a commitment that for every 10 goals scored in the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ we will donate a full player’s kit to a squad from Africa. So we’re cheering for all teams!

Angelo Garcia, our Sales & Marketing Coordinator, and friend Luke Westcott, have founded the social enterprise, AMS Clothing, supporting football in Africa since 2014. Through their enterprise we will be delivering on our commitment. We're excited to tell you that the benefactors of the kits will be Young Nation FC, a South Sudanese community team based in Nairobi playing in the local amateur competition.

So come on everyone! GOAL! GOAL! GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL!

Update: The final tally was 169 goals (but we'll round up to 170)

Young Nation FC receives their jerseys!

Inlight have been really excited to see the jerseys being worn by Young Nation FC in their recent community league competition! Young Nation FC played alongside Samba Boys FC and 22 Brothers FC at their local pitch in Nairobi where all three South Sudanese community teams are located.

Check out some more photos by clicking here.

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