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New Foundations for 2022

At Inlight, we have a number of reasons to celebrate, welcoming some extremely talented individuals to the team, and recognising some of our top performers!

At Inlight, we have a number of reasons to celebrate, despite the weathering complexity of the last 24 months. We have not been immune to the great reassessment within the workforce. Yet, as tough as it seems giving friends and former colleagues the fondest of farewells, we’ve found ourselves re-energised by opportunities to start new relationships that enrich our working day with new perspectives and ambitions.

Our hopes and goals for the Inlight team demand two pathways:

  1. ensuring that we continue to provide an environment that our current team members feel connected to and passionate about…
  2. …and then using that cultural momentum to be an employer of choice in a market full of noise and distraction.

It’s with great anticipation that we introduce a plethora of new team members. They are, firstly, #goodhumans and then outrageously talented at what they do. Our new Technical Leads, Developers, Designers and Talent Specialists responded so positively to the impact of our people, our culture and our vision that they decided to call Inlight home.

  • Rhys Gevaux, Paul Barnette and Carl Lee joined us in January, in the pivotal roles of Tech Leads, focussed on delivering the very best technical solutions but also showing the care and attention required to lift the careers of the people around them.
  • Niclas Drugge also joins the development team to help deliver on our front-end commitments with backend developer Calvin Tjiang adding to the skills balance across our four delivery teams.
  • We’re delighted to welcome Kea Tokley-Higgs who joins a sparkling design team.
  • Plus, we welcomed Malou Eijlers to the newly created role of Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist.

We celebrated promotions too!

  • Rohan Bassett was promoted to Tech Lead. Rohan has been instrumental in leading our multi-year Linfox partnership and for coaching our graduates impeccably.
  • Bec Howard and Peleina Guthrie both moving into Senior Producer roles. Bec and Pel stepped forwards when the rest of the world started stepping back to provide calm and clear support for our team, and for our clients so that we could better navigate the choppy waters of 2021.
Focussed on great people

The volatility in our local talent market demands that we treat every new conversation with care and respect and there is nothing more meaningful during these early conversations than having access to the Inlight team. The credibility generated by the team’s commitment, intelligence and connectedness creates a material difference.

It is this strong sense of collaboration that Malou Eijlers will be drawing upon in her new role. We could not be more excited to welcome Malou to Inlight, not just that her much sought after search and hiring experience will drive our always on approach to talent, but that she has shown such confidence in Inlight as she returns to the workforce after the birth of her second child.

If you would like to read about our work on culture, find out more about our values or to talk to Malou about the roles that we have available, we’d love to hear from you:

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Mark Oliver | CEO

Mark is the Inlight CEO with more than 18 years leading digital product initiatives, experience design and technical delivery across broadcast, sport, media, retail, finance and healthcare. He has a wealth of experience in the growth of high performing multi-functional technology and customer experience teams through strong collaborative cultural foundations.

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Chief Commercial Officer
Steph Bailey | Chief Commercial Officer

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