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Following the launch of the Inlight Partner Network at the start of the year, we’ve already seen some fantastic opportunities created and conversations had, and as the network grows, we’ll be introducing each of the network’s partners one-by-one.

It gives me no end of pleasure to announce that the network’s first foray into Sydney comes in the form of STCK.

The CVs of the STCK team speak for themselves with combined experience across organisations like Westpac, Qantas, Telstra and Australian Digital Health Agency as well as consulting/agency side for Deloitte Digital, TigerSpike and Isobar.

But what do STCK do? In short, they help business leaders design the human experience and, in turn, help define what organisational systems, processes and culture needs to be in place for success. Technology enablement is naturally a big part of this but I’ll let Stephen (on the right below) explain more about how they help transform businesses for the better.

What does STCK do?

We help organisations create and execute strategies to navigate complex challenges…or as we put it: ‘with our clients, we shape futures that stick’. This ranges from discrete product and service design through to shaping and supporting large-scale transformations.

At the heart of this, we put the human experience first to understand drivers of human behaviour in the context and orchestrate behavioural incentives that support achieving a stated purpose. A current example of this is our work helping a large state government authority to develop a service strategy supporting the roll-out of a core platform and technology transformation.

How did STCK come to be?

Just shy of two years ago, STCK was born from the recognition of the influence of great design in strategic decision-making and the power of being able to operate unencumbered by the constraints of being in-house or part of a large consulting firm.

As we grow, we continue to strive to purposefully build out what we do and challenge ourselves. With our quarterly STCK ‘X’ day coming up next week, we will map out part of our customer experience to identify and prioritise our own improvements…we’re big on ‘eating our own dog food’ as the saying goes.

What’s the team passionate about?

As a team, we share a passion for seeing great design live beyond the design phase. At STCK, we place equal importance on designing to adopt a newly improved or created human experience. To develop a practical, valuable human experience is good; to make sure it is delivered and adopted into practice by a client is best.

"To develop a practical, valuable human experience is good; to make sure it is delivered and adopted into practice by a client is best."

Great design adopted is what we're passionate about. In delivering this, our team is made up of people with deep skills in service design, driving and influencing change adoption and service curation.

Are there any recent client projects you’re particularly proud of?

We recently worked with a state government body to help enrich their transformation strategy. Their work is focused on a region looking to move from its reliance on the mining of fossil fuels and timber, so we were engaged to help refine the transformation effort’s value proposition and help those engaged (service users, partners, stakeholders and employees) to see themselves in the work and their contribution.

For the team and their partners, this engagement delivered a way to communicate clear, traceable value from system level, through offerings to enablement. The value architecture created has helped partners understand where they fit in the system and how they deliver to the strategy and value, which has clarified and enriched the roles of both partners and the regional government body.

At a practical level, the engagement provided the team with a working and tested assessment mechanism ready for use in initiatives already in train. This has also helped set a coordinated path to further flesh out the assessment prototype as a minimum viable practice, enabling people to use it and testing to inform iteration to create a living service.

What excites you about joining the Inlight Partner Network?

I’m always excited to be working with great people and that’s a big part of this. But more specifically, I’m excited by the vision for a network that focuses on delivering together where the incentives for behaviour are reputation and creating great outcomes for our clients.

For the area you operate in, what’s one trend or change you expect to see this year?

As we continue to feel the impacts of rapid decision-making to survive the onset of COVID, I think we are going to see the desire to correct this. This will play itself out with people wanting to create better employee experiences enabled by technology that will in turn drive the change and implementation of new tools, platforms and products/services.

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Tom Webster
Partnerships Lead
Tom Webster | Partnerships Lead

Tom has led business development initiatives across digital, marketing, and creative agencies for over 8 years and leans on this experience to manage the Inlight Partner Network, driving growth and collaboration for its partners, as well as Inlight.