New working arrangements?

Work From Home - we've got this!

No doubt we're all in the same position. Work from home is the new normal. This may spell a complete shift in the way we all work so let's get the most from our new tempo.

As the majority of workplaces have moved to work from home arrangements, new individual work rhythms are being forged. Is this our opportunity to finally pay attention to what will help us be more effective and to do better work?

Here are our top tips for developing a strong work rhythm.

  1. Set yourself a morning routine before tending to work tasks.
  2. Get dressed for the day. Working in your PJs is great, but be sure to change into your 'work' PJs. Our Producer Bec says donning shoes puts her brain in work mode, and kicking them off spells the end of the day.
  3. Make an effort to continue your commute to work. Try walking around the block at the start and end of day.
  4. Adjust your surroundings to increase productivity. A lot is lost through simple environmental factors. Too hot/cold? Too noisy/quiet? Too bright/dark? Take a moment to consider and see where you can adjust. Our Designer Christina made the screensaver on her device match the view from her desk at work to keep her motivated. It's the little things!
  5. Figure out what time of the day you are most productive and schedule flow time to suit you. If you're most productive early, (meetings permitting) schedule your main tasks then and vice versa for the afternoon.
  6. Seperate your workspace from your living space and don't work in bed with your laptop! If you have space, set up a secondary work area where you can go work from if you need a change of scenery.
  7. If you're having trouble with motivation, set yourself a challenge! Can I get all my work done by...
  8. Find a way to keep your video calls productive. Set the intention to keep a meeting on track if it is work related, and set a different time to do personal check ins, or social catch ups. George our Designer suggests nominating the next to talk on a video call to keep the flow.
  9. If you enjoy listening to music while working, find a good playlist to listen to. This'll keep your motivation up and make it feel a little less quiet.
  10. Be sure to take breaks. Get some fresh air and go for a walk, pause for a dance or a jiggle. Stretch!
  11. Stay connected! Organise daily or weekly team activities. We like to do daily stretch sessions (fauxga), weekly launchpad sessions to start the weeks and fortnightly huddle or happy hour to wrap up the week.
  • When the end of the day rolls around, pack everything up and put it out of sight until tomorrow. This should make it clear to yourself that the work day is over.
  • Create an end of day ritual - go for a walk, exercise, have a dance. Get out of work mode and into home mode. At the end of the day I like to get out for a bit of sun and some fresh air. It's a good time for me to make some calls too and catch up with friends.
  • And lastly, be sure to make time to spend with your family! They're adjusting too.
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