Composability in action

Building A Composable Future With A Leading Energy Provider

The Challenge

Creating a future-ready ecosystem

A leading Australian energy retailer aimed to overhaul its website on a secure, high-performance platform, enhancing its customer value proposition. The goal was to establish a flexible foundation that not only aligns with their technological vision but also supports scalable, reusable web components, alongside improving the user experience to boost conversion rates.

The Strategy

Crafting a composable framework for speed and scalability

Our strategy involved deeply understanding their business, technology strategy, brand, and products within its regulatory environment. This understanding shaped our user experience redesign and led to a composable MACH-based technology architecture. Segmenting the solution into modular components not only facilitated the seamless integration of best-in-class solutions but also unlocked faster development speeds, fostering scalable, flexible innovation.

Seeing our clients embrace composability aligns perfectly with our vision at Inlight. It's not just about building digital products; it's about creating solutions that can evolve and adapt to a changing digital landscape.

Patrick Carne

CEO - Inlight

Design approach

Streamlining user journeys for increased conversion

We embarked on rethinking the information architecture and optimising user journeys to remove friction points within the user experience. This included designing an intuitive meter lookup service and sign-up flow to uplift conversion rates.

A flexible and modular design system

We developed a modular design system that allows us to construct complex layouts and pages from a set of simple, reusable components. When a change is made to one block in the system, it cascades across all instances where it’s used, ensuring a consistent user experience and accelerating design iterations.

Tech Approach

Embracing composability and aligning on principles

Our tech approach was guided by principles of technical excellence, simplicity, and alignment with the client's future goals. We emphasised a MACH-based, composable architecture that prioritises delivering high-value capability first and then evolving over time based on feedback loops and data. By selecting Contentful as our enterprise-grade, headless CMS, we ensured a powerful, flexible content management foundation that could adapt and scale with our client's evolving digital needs.

Learn more about Contentful Headless CMS.

Tech Stack

Modern technologies for enhanced performance

At the core of our solution is a modern and composable tech stack designed for speed, reliability, and flexibility. Utilising JavaScript, React and Node.js through the Next.js framework, we've created a robust platform hosted on AWS infrastructure for robust security and reliability. Integration with AEMO and Experian QAS APIs for essential services, coupled with Formstack for form management and Contentful for content, sets a new standard for delivering digital experiences in the energy sector.

Our re-platforming approach carefully balanced user needs with the client's business and technical goals, setting up for future success. The strategic execution delivered a flexible, scalable platform, enabling us to innovate quickly.

Tony Milne

CTO - Inlight

evolution over transformation

What's next?

Moving forward, there are opportunities for our client to explore and further enhance their composability journey. Examples of potential focus areas include the development of composable forms, which can leverage an API-first architecture to offer tailored user experiences. Additionally, considering the expanding digital landscape, they may explore the possibility of extending their digital ecosystem to include a mobile application. By leveraging the same API layer and headless CMS used for the website, they can ensure consistency across different platforms, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.