Fancy Plants

Premiering the world’s fanciest plant-based snacks

Development / Design

The client

Say hello to Fancy Plants

Fancy Plants, established by The Chia Co, is the ambitious newcomer in the world of plant-based snacking. They’ve set out to change the way people think about plant-based foods by creating a range of dessert-snack products that are both nutritious and delicious. The Chia Co needed a hand in introducing their product range to customers, telling their brand story and giving the world ways to become a part of their plant-based vision. That’s where we came in.

The deep-dive

Understanding the brand

We collaborated with Fancy Plants and their UK-based brand partner to really dig deep and build a comprehensive understanding of the new personality, values and mission of the brand. During our discovery phase, we ran a series of remote workshops with different departments of the Fancy Plants team to ensure that every stakeholder had an opportunity to contribute to the shared vision.

The listen playback was fantastic! Just repeating this again, but you guys listen really well!

Suzi Chen

Marketing Assistant - Fancy Plants

The mission

Starting a huge digital future

As a completely new brand, Fancy Plants’ website was their grand introduction into the world. They wanted their website to do more than just list their products. The goal was for it to become a vibrant community hub where you could learn about plant-based ingredients, initiatives and get excited to try them for yourself.

To set this mission in motion, we created a space for Fancy Plants to introduce what they care about, explain the importance of their products and provide customers with ways to engage with the brand.

The collaboration

Cultivating open communication

It was important to us that Fancy Plants felt a strong sense of connection to the process. We were in constant communication with their marketing team and had regular showcases to a wider group of stakeholders. This created a transparent and open dialogue where we could make decisions together and move forward effectively. We knew that as a new company, application of brand would be vital, so we made sure to share the thinking behind our design choices and welcomed feedback early and often.

From the moment you visit the website to when you have the product in your hands, the Fancy Plants experience is playful, free-thinking and food-loving. Most importantly, it's designed to make you feel good about indulging in something that tastes amazing and benefits you and the planet.

Maddi Skeggs

UX Designer - Inlight

the approach

From foundational to fancy

This highly collaborative approach continued throughout the development and launch process. We agreed that the site should be inclusive, simple and accessible so we prioritised building the more functional ‘bread and butter’ components first. Once the solid foundations were set, we then began implementing the ‘fancier’ features that really spoke to the brand’s playful personality.

Typographic, animation and illustrative flourishes bring the Fancy Plants flavour from spoon to screen.

The overall look and feel looks great to me. I love the combination of photos and illustrations. I think the designer and the Inlight team really get this brand.

John Foss

CEO - Fancy Plants

the future

Growing a global appetite

For Fancy Plants, Australia is just the start. Their site will be extending to multiple countries around the globe and as it does, the world’s appetite for fancy plant-based snacks will rapidly grow. With e-commerce and content hub opportunities on the horizon, together we’re moving closer to achieving their mission of building a thriving community around plant-based nutrition.

Come, get a taste of the plant-side at

Inlight was a fantastic team to work with right from the beginning of the process...the whole team really understood the Fancy Plants brand, our target audience, and our goals and then translated all this understanding to a fun and fancy website that brings our brand to life digitally.

Jess Lalor

Global Marketing Manager - Fancy Plants