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You might have noticed we are big fans of Craft CMS at Inlight. For us, this has a lot to do with how flexible and easy it is to work with from a developer point of view. But we also love it because our clients love it.

So how does Craft CMS compare to other CMSes like WordPress? While it’s generally true that there is not a single best software for everyone we feel that Craft kicks more goals than the others.

Content Editing

Several CMSes have a reasonable control panel for content entry but the way Craft CMS organises content and assets is among the best. In particular, unlike WordPress; Craft CMS uses a matrix field which avoids large, unwieldy WISIWIG fields. Instead, Craft CMS provides contained and repeatable blocks of content that let content editors drop in and reorder content on the fly.


Sites like WordPress and Shopify have some fantastic templates which help you get a website up and running quickly. But these templates are what every other website out there is also cute from, meaning your site might look great with little effort it also looks just like all the other WordPress and Shopify websites. Trying to do something different takes considerably more effort as you're constantly fighting what the template wants you to do.

Craft CMS doesn’t have templates. While this may seem like a drawback, and if you aren’t a developer or don’t have access to developers this will make it significantly harder to get a website up and running; If you do have developers working on your site this means they are free to make the site look, feel, and behave just the way you want it; specifically designed for your users and products.


As of writing this article Craft CMS has around 600 plugins available in their plugin store and that number is growing by the day, WordPress has over 30,000. This might seem like an instant win for WordPress but many WordPress plugins are not kept up to date, as well as having significant compatibility and security issues.

Craft plugins are all vetted by Craft CMS creators Pixel & Tonic and are usually kept up to date by the community. This generally results in very high-quality plugins and fewer security issues.


WordPress infamously has had multiple security issues in its time. This is partly due to its popularity making it a target for hackers, partly down to poorly written themes and plugins, but also a result of WordPress being vulnerable to SQL injections and cross-site scripting (XSS), two thing Craft CMS has worked hard to protect against.

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