Dot One: Talking Craft CMS Reusable Components

Inlight's founder and Technical Director Tony Milne will be speaking about our approach to cross-project reusable components at Australia's first Craft CMS conference: Dot One.

We all know how good reusability is. Avoiding repetition, improving testability and maintainability, reducing cost, and improving efficiency are all benefits we have come to expect from creating reusable components within a project. We have been using reusable components in our Craft projects for some time, but it's been much harder to reap the same benefits from one project to the next.

With each new Craft site we built, we found ourselves with a familiar list of components. Clients were asking for similar functionality for a decent portion of their website, and we found ourselves essentially rebuilding these components each time. This wasn't ideal; we didn't want to spend our time doing the same thing over and over, we wanted to spend more time on the interesting, bespoke solutions for our clients business problems.

After some trial and error, we now have a library of reusable Craft components which we can selectively deploy to each new site we create while also having the ability to maintain them in just one place and providing our clients with the benefit of future enhancements to that component.

If you'd like to find out how we achieved this and to learn more about Craft, come along to hear Tony and others talk at CraftCMS's inaugural Australian conference.

Check out the conference schedule and get tickets here

We hope to see you there.

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