Engineering at Inlight

We're serious about code

Inlight was founded by engineers, software development is at the core of our history and we have always focused on code quality, exploring new technologies and building a development process that enables us to focus on what we are building.

We are driven by and focused on creating meaningful solutions, shipping often, measuring the impact of what we create and continuously evolving the solution.

"For over 10 years I've worked at Inlight, our team believes in embracing new technologies, thinking critically about how we work, and always focusing on quality solutions"

Ben Pearson

Development Team Lead

Working at Inlight

When I started looking for a new job my focus was mainly around roles at product companies as I wanted to join an established team with a strong developer culture. Inlight appeared in one of my searches, and after spending some time investigating the company and culture, it seemed like exactly what I was looking for. Working here now for just under a year, I've found a team of developers who apply the same focus on code quality and the kind of care and attention that you'd expect to see at a product company, only applied to client's products. Everyone is always learning from each other, and I've felt supported while I've grown my skills and knowledge.


Our Tech Stack

At Inlight we have been very deliberate in setting up a tech stack that focuses primarily around JavaScript as a full stack (NodeJS, React, React Native). This gives our team a lot of power to easily move between the backend and frontend when building websites and apps for clients.

Complementing this stack and the need we identified in the industry for a fast, easy to use and flexible CMS solution we have doubled down on our adoption of Craft CMS. We bring the component based thinking that we already experience in our React / React Native applications to the Craft ecosystem by trying to build reusability into every website we create. The benefit means as developers we can focus on building new components and not the same components over and over. For clients it means they get more bang for buck as we have reusable components that quickly bring their website to life.


We’re a curious bunch

Our team is our heart, we are critical thinkers, supportive and driven. We have setup development workflows that allow our team to grow, learn and be supported along the way. We focus on creating quality and helping each other realise those quality goals. Our development team shares learning, new / upcoming libraries, showcases new features of frameworks we use and together we celebrate our project successes.

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Our Development Workflow

development / node / Lambda

Github Automation with API Gateways and Lambda


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