Our Partnerships

A network of like minded digital services teams

The Inlight Partner Network exists to help connect organisations with the unique subject matter expertise of specialist service providers so that we can achieve the full potential of your digital strategy

Why a Partner Network?

As a digital services business, Inlight provides best-in-class digital product & experience solutions but we understand there are a broad array of digital services our clients are looking for that sometimes require narrower domain expertise or sit outside our capabilities.

Our objective is to help our clients in as many ways that we can, solving problems as efficiently and effectively as is possible using small, nimble teams.

The Inlight Partner Network (IPN) is a group of digital businesses that can provide additional services in the knowledge that they are high-performing, culturally aligned, and differentiated local specialists. This means clients utilising the IPN can:

  • Access to the best specialist knowledge and services
  • Validate decisions or test a hypothesis early using focused expertise in a trusted environment
  • Benefit from a more competitive commercial agreement
  • Through a single partner, connect with multiple external services with existing working relationships
  • Have confidence in more domains, earlier in your project lifecycle

You can read more about the launch of the IPN here in CEO Mark Oliver's March blog.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising continue to defy the traditional expectations of SEO by producing creative digital solutions that get real results. Optimising is a Google Premier Partner and certified B Corp.

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Data Science & Analytics

WhyHive mixes data science with startup thinking to help stakeholders unlock the value and impact of data. They find the right ideas so that organisations build data-driven products, strategies and services. Turning your effort into impact, and data into value.

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Brand Research & Insights

Starburst Insights uses consumer and cultural insight to help solve challenges for brands. Through quantitative, qualitative and experiential consumer research, Starburst uncovers those ‘aha’ moments to fuel brand growth.

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Content Strategy & Copywriting

Context is a strategy-led content consultancy that works collaboratively to develop content and communications strategies, using data and insights to get to the heart of an audience’s content needs.

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Service Design & Tech Enablement

STCK is a service design consultancy. They work with senior stakeholders to unearth future ways of working that enhance your organisation's human experience - be it customer (CX) and/or employee (EX).

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