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Eloque website launched for global tech startup

MELBOURNE - Digital services business Inlight has partnered with new client VicTrack to deliver a website for Eloque - a startup venture of the Victorian Government.

What started as an innovative idea back in 2017 quickly gained momentum with the joint forces of infrastructure experts at VicTrack and scientists and technologists out of the US setting out to solve the problems of ageing infrastructure.

Eloque is the first intelligent infrastructure sensor application that uses hair-thin fibre optic sensors to monitor the structural health of assets and gather insights which are then directed to end-users in real time.

With such a highly ambitious vision and some incredible possibilities for future adaptations in other areas of structural health monitoring, a global team of partners was assembled to support the unique needs of the stakeholders to develop and roll out the new brand and all associated activities.

Inlight’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Oliver commended the team on both sides for being able to support the startup in launching quickly to the Australian market.

“Groundbreaking work from a globally distributed team reimagining the way that we interact with our infrastructure. Eloque is a standout technology start-up providing lifelong value for Victoria’s biggest assets, just as the state and federal governments announce a period of essential investment. It’s a privilege to work with such an ambitious and innovative team on their digital presence and exciting for Inlight to have collaborated so closely with their US stakeholders.”

Inlight has been incredibly proud and excited to work with such a dynamic team on this groundbreaking solution for the future of structural integrity and look forward to a continued partnership on the future phases of Eloque’s digital journey.

With the Government investing $50 million to back the Eloque vision and the technology rolling out across priority bridges across Victoria we look forward to seeing this innovative solution launching first hand in our state.

For the full Ministerial Announcement please read more here:

Inlight worked closely with VicTrack to deliver the Eloque website, collaborating with brand agency TMP and Rapid Circle - Eloque’s technical provider.

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