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Mo time like the present

It's nearly time for the stash to dash, the mo to go, the hairy lip to take a trip...

... but, before it does - we wanted to give it one last chance to strike up a conversation about men and men's health.

Read on and help us raise awareness and dollars to support the men in our lives.

The month of November is rapidly drawing to a close - and with it we can safely assume some of Collingwood’s hippest and dirtiest moustaches will be retired for yet another year.

A small crew of 6 Inlight team members have donned moustaches* this month and helped raise over $1,200 through the support of the broader agency, our clients, our family and our friends. Thank you everyone who has donated.

Having had a chance to do some digital work with Movember this year, we can confidently say that they are a great organisation and they're supporting a really important cause!

If you’d like to make a donation, it's quick and easy, donate here:

https://moteam.co/inlight 💙

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Tony Milne
Co-Founder and CTO
Tony Milne | Co-Founder and CTO

Tony is one of the founders of Inlight and leads the development team. As a recognised leader in online software development in Australia, and a regular contributor within the developer community, Tony has been responsible for the leadership and architecture of many complex, large-scale web projects.